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Daphna Keenan is a musician based in Berlin.

Keenan is a composer and arranger of contemporary music, practicing film scoring, performances and studio recordings,

plays a variety of musical instruments, mainly guitars, bass, keybords and drums.

She owns a projects studio located in Berlin. 

Keenan is the lead singer and writer of the Israeli band "
Daphna & the Cookies" since 2005.

The band released 2 Albums: 'Self Titled' (2006) and 'What we wanted' (2010), both released by the Israeli music label, 'The 8th Note'.

Latest project was composing the score of the feature film "
Barash", produced by Lama Productions and was screened premiere at San Sebastian Festival 2015, as well as in Haifa Film Festival.


The next project is composing the score for Veronica Kedar's feature film "Family" which is being produced these days.

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